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  • Kim Kardashian Sends Aussie Jewellery Sales Skyrocketing

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    Models Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin have already discovered Australian designer Lucie Ferguson’s jewellery label Babyanything but one shot with Kim Kardashian has turned the 12-year-old brand into an overnight sensation.

    Lucie’s well-connected sister, They All Hate Us blogger Elle Ferguson (who works with 9Style favourite Tash Sefton) was recently invited to the LA beauty launch of Kim Kardashian’s new collection.

    Kim posted a photograph with Elle, who was wearing Babyanything’s Aurora Luna Medallion ($820 with a 42cm chain) and Saint Christopher Medallion ($845 with 55cm chain) and the e-store clicking began.

    "The response has been amazing and we have now started a pre-sale list," Lucie says.

    "The influence of Kim Kardashian and Elle can’t be understated and it’s satisfying to see two beautiful and strong women wearing my pieces," she says.

    "The St Christopher’s medallions weren’t actually due to be released until August, but since wearing them at the KKW beauty launch, Babyanything decided to release them and there is now a waiting list.  They are handcrafted in a small Italian village that actually produces the medallions for the Vatican!" said Lucie.

    Kim, wearing a similar pendant in the post was obviously impressed to with Elle posting:

    "The similarities are uncanny... phone always glued to hand... loves a gold babyanything saint chain... obsessed with the kkwbeauty contouring kit... loves to pout... loves a photo booth... just start calling me K-Elle."

    Kim Kardashian West and Elle Ferguson at KKW Beauty launch last week. Image: Instagram/@elle_ferguson

    The St Christopher medallion Elle is wearing Lucie was inspired by their mother’s own necklace of the patron saint for travellers. Lucie has been making fine jewellery since completing her Fine Arts Degree and studying with influential Australian jeweller Peter Lang. 

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  • Gold Chain Necklaces For Men

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    Jewelry Affairs offers a wide variety of men's gold chain necklaces with the best prices and quality.

    Below you will find some information on the different styles our shoppers can find on our jewelry store.

    The simplest introduction of chain is “The series of linked loops of metal wire is called a chain. Sometimes, balls or discs-instead of loops use for making the series of link.” Although, machine made chain in demand, but still handmade chains available with high price, antique piece lover buys it at any cost, so it also still exists. The couples also buying it for gift to partner on a special event or day.

    The Cuban link chain is trending jewelry nowadays. It is similar to other types of men gold chains, with an interlocking pattern that make the chain thicker and attractive. The link pattern can stretch into longer, or the oval shapes that change the look completely. The gold chain or jewelry has old history, from old time to this date the jewelry is classic gift to given for many events, such as marriage anniversary, birthday, or the valentine day.

    The diamond cut chain available from 10K to 14K, with yellow gold, pink gold and the white gold designs are demanding, several hip hop stars, athletes and other celebrities has personal collection of these jewelry chain. K stands for karat the percentage of the gold.

    When it comes to standard length variation the Cuban link chain, available in lengths: 16 Inches to 32

    Buy for both male and female in your budget. Handmade and the Italian design in trend and waiting to add into your shopping cart. Mostly, these chains have matched or unmatched but suitable pendant, it is not necessary but it makes it beautiful and improves the looks of the chain. The buyer can choose the item according his/her pocket allow.

    Cuban link v/s. Franco link v/s Figaro link chain

    When you decide to buy a gold chain for men, you may confuse with types of chain, and of course, it makes hard to decide which one is good forgot to your shopping cart. Wait; do not boil your mind with flood of things, read what the difference (in pattern) and decide wisely.

    • Cuban link chain: Sturdy single links of the same pattern commonly use the diamond cut pattern. It looks masculine, especially with the bracelet to match, so highly recommended for men.

    Figaro style chain: The pattern is three links of the same size, then one longer size link, and then again three links of the same size, and continues in this pattern.

    • Franco: looks like pattern adapted from the Snake, no space between link patterns.

    Generally, the Figaro or the Franco is recommending for the female and Cuban link chain for men.

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  • Met Gala 2018 - The Best Jewelry on the Red Carpet

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    The arbiters of fashion looked to the heavens above for inspiration at this year’s Met Gala and the jewels worn by the glitterati on the red carpet were up to the divine challenge.

    Heavenly Bodies was the theme of this year’s fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute held Monday and those lucky enough to stroll the majestic steps of the museum to the private dinner inside were wearing their Sunday best with elaborate Catholic-themed outfits by Versace, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Saint Laurent and others.

    Pairing jewels for the costumes must have been a challenge. The usual barrage of diamonds and colorful gems took a back seat for black gems and lacquer. Vintage jewels made appearances but fewer than I would have expected considering the theme. Yes, crosses were a popular motif, along with elaborate filigree and open worked designs. Yellow gold and white metals were both appropriate with the theme and used often.

    No one took to the theme of the event quite like Cartier, which opened up its vault to share its historic Cartier Collection jewels, occasionally paired with some of its contemporary pieces.

    Rihanna co-chair of the event along with Amal Clooney and Donatella Versace wore the Cartier Collection pendant as a necklace. The jewel began its life as a lone crucifix in 1934 made of gold, silver, diamonds, sapphires, round faceted rubies, button pearls, opal and round faceted topazes and then was paired with the “Dove of the Holy Spirit" in 1949, made of gold, diamonds, a 17.20-carat star sapphire, sapphires, rubies, emerald, pearl, moonstones and opal. To further adorn her Papal-inspired outfit, she wore diamond rings by Gilan and Narcisa Pheres, and gold hoop earrings and a pearl ring from Konstantino Jewelry.

    Several others also chose to wear old and new jewels from Cartier.

    Actress Lily Collins wore a Cartier Collection necklace, circa 2007, made of 18k white gold and diamonds Cartier Collection earrings, Paris, 1929, made of silver, 18k white gold, onyx and Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague ring made of 18k rose gold, black lacquer, diamonds.

    Actress Priyanka Chopra chose several Cartier yellow and rose gold jewels to go with her Ralph Lauren crimson velvet gown, and gold and gem beaded hood, including a Cartier Collection pendant, 2000, 18k yellow gold, rubies, sapphires, emerald a Cartier Collection ring, 1995, 18k yellow gold, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds; two Cartier Collection rings, 1992, 18k yellow gold, rubies Cartier Collection ring, Paris, 1945, 18k yellow gold, emerald, rubies a Cartier Collection ring, 18k yellow gold, blacklacquer, citrine,diamonds a Cartier Collection ring, 2006, 18k yellow gold, blacklacquer, peridot, diamonds Cartier Justeun Clou ring, 18k rose gold, diamonds and a Amulette de Cartier ring, 18k rose gold, onyx, diamond.

    Director Sofia Coppola wore Cartier Collection earrings, platinum and diamonds; and a Cartier Collection bracelet, New York, 1936, platinum, 18k white gold, blacklacquer and diamonds.

    The big bold look of Bulgari’s heritage and contemporary jewels with their elaborate yellow and rose gold designs was a big hit on the religious-themed red carpet.

    Bulgari brand ambassador, Lily Aldridge, wore a number of Bulgari pieces, including a platinum, emerald and diamond High Jewelry necklace a white gold, emerald and diamond Giardini High Jewelry necklace a platinum, emerald, diamond and pearl High Jewelry necklace an emerald and diamond Heritage ring, 1992; and a white gold and diamond High Jewelry ring.

    Kylie Jenner wore Chopard earrings featuring two 5-carat cushion-cut diamonds set in platinum from the High Jewelry Collection.

    Model Imaan Hammam wore Chopard earrings featuring 13.93-carats of pear-shaped diamonds and 1.22-carats of diamonds set in 18k white gold from the Precious Chopard Collection, a ring featuring a 2.51-carat oval modified brilliant-cut diamond set in 18k white gold from the High Jewelry Collection, and a ring featuring 1.50 carats of diamonds set in 18k white gold from the L’Heure Du Diamant Collection.

    Fashion designer, Stella McCartney, wore emerald and diamond drop earrings weighing a total of 17 carats, by Kwiat.

    Singer Miley Cyrus wore jewelry by Sydney Evan on the red carpet that included Custom Baguette & Round Bezel Medium Hoop Earrings with a large bezel cross, a Pyramid Spike Cross Charm, Small Spike Studs, Pavé Chain Link Ring in yellow gold, and a necklace.

    Article by Antony Demarco

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  • Jewelry Affairs Accepts Google Pay

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    Hi there jewelry lovers!
    We are happy to announce that we are now accepting Google Pay as a payment method at our jewelry store 

    Find your gold and silver jewelry, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, gold chains, gold rings and more and pay with your google wallet by using google pay.

    Visit our collections and shop now.

    Don't forget. We offer free US and Canada Shipping and low international shipping for all of the rest of you. 

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  • Jewelry Affairs Accepts Bitcoin Payments

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    Jewelry Affairs is happy to announce that it will offer bitcoin as a payment method.

    Our customer can you they Bitpay wallet and use their bitcoin to purchase jewelry from our store. Our Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back policies stand the same for all payments.

    Visit Jewelry Affairs now and find your earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings in gold and silver.

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